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As an individual who has taken four marketing classes (two of which were in high school), I feel as though I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to analyzing advertisements. I’ve always enjoyed watching commercials because they can be dissected in fun and interesting ways, and now that we don’t have DVR at my apartment, we have no choice but to watch them. After careful consideration (like 20 minutes), I’ve come up with three realistic commercials that the public deserves to see.

1. Pizza Hut

Lately Pizza Hut’s commercials have been featuring their latest abortion, the Big Dinner Box, which includes two rectangular pizzas, garlic bread, cinnamon dippers, some chicken wings or something, and sauces all for only $10. This sounds like a fantastic bargain, especially if you’re looking to have a heart attack.

The public deserves the truth. Pizza Hut’s next advertisement needs to stick with the…

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